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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sony Ericsson txt Price and Reviews

Sony Ericsson txt-Despite being the focus of product development of Android smartphone platform with a relatively high price, Sony Ericsson still working on lower-middle-class market (low end), the highest enthusiastic in Indonesia.
Sony Ericsson txt
Sony Ericsson txt

It was seen as the introduction of the newest low-end products, namely Sony Ericsson txt told Asia Pacific reporters in Singapore. Sony Ericsson Txt is one of three Sony Ericsson's latest products are shown.

Sony Ericsson Txt Review

The Mobile phones with prices under Rp. 1 million using the qwerty keyboard, just like the previous product, ie Sony Ericsson txt pro. Various applications have been installed such as facebook, twitter, google talk. Interesting in this phone is "friendship applications" that could see the activity of the five main friends on facebook and twitter quickly.

Although inexpensive phone, variety of entertainment and multimedia facilities have been installed as a 3.2 megapixel camera with power, video and audio recording, bluetooth, media player, wi-fi. Regarding battery life, this phone can last up to 416 hours (standby), 3 hours 12 minutes (active ), 23 hours (music), and 5 hours 15 minutes (playing videos).

It's become one of the alternatives. We want to invite people who could buy this txt to go buy a smartphone and the other type of android phone.

Sony Ericsson txt Release Date

Mobile phones with a choice of four colors namely white, black, blue, pink and will be marketed starting in September 2011.

Sony Ericsson txt price

About the Sony Ericsson txt price, the Sony Ericsson have not been able to tell.