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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Review

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Review with Android Froyo For Middle Class.

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570
Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570

Stretching global vendors in educating the Android -based phone in the middle segment increasingly sticking surface. One of the most diligent vendors release a phone with these characters is Samsung. Recently, a Korean manufacturer that released the Galaxy Mini Samsung S5570, which claimed to be a fairly friendly smart phone dikantong. What, then, that you can enjoy optimal Android -based phone Froyo it? let's see.

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Review for Design
This time Samsung featuring trendy designs on products that still go on Galaxy variants. Galaxy Mini comes with a bandage doff textured plastic base material, mainly seen firmly on the back of the phone. Dynamic side visible on the green trim around the phone body and enough to give the impression fresh.

Fits in the hand, that first impression was when we held the phone. Its weight is quite light, only 105 grams. While size alone is considered, namely 110.4 x 60.8 x 12.1 mm.

Combing physical access to the packing cell phones, we found the switch volume / zoom on the left, right opposite the power switches and micro SD slot ( hotswap ). While at the top of the phone looks a protected micro USB slot neatly accompany a 3.5 mm audio jack.

The dominance of the screen that looks spacious in the front, comes with simple characters. Pinned homescreen button only accompanied by a menu button and back. Three -quarter money, simplicity can also be seen on the back of the phone line that only the powerful 3.15 megapixel camera instill and multimedia speakers.

Pas in the target class, but is present also in the design that was not too complicated look of this phone. As if to facilitate users in using his own line of smart phones, Samsung Galaxy Mini comes with the impression of simple, stylish and ergonomic.

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Review Screen / Display
As Froyo based phones that Samsung has released lately, Galaxy Mini comes with homescreen typical. His face has a diagonal screen roomy enough in its class, ie, 3:14 -inch ( 240 x 320 pixels ) that supports 256 colors sharpness with capacitive touchscreen technology.
Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 menu
Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 menu

At the homescreen, both wallpaper and widgets that we can embed at will. Samsung default homescreen that comes only provide 3 desktops in order to optimize the interface, but we can change this by downloading the launcher is widely available in the market.
Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 screen
Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 home screen

As usual, the notification panel that integrates Wi - Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, silent ( on / off ), and auto rotate will be present when we slide down to the top of the virtual screen. Some typical features Froyo ranks have also been embedded by default in the main menu, other than that Samsung still provide a means of social networking connections and applications that all options can be found on Samsung's social hub and apps.

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Review - Multimedia
Nothing special in this section. With a camera measuring only 3.15 -megapixel image results were recorded in both crude and dim light conditions, especially without the support of mobile phone as an advocate LED flash light. However, a variety of embedded features that provide enough drug itself, such as camera features that have the ability to double the exposure ( add me ), quite interesting and have entertainment value.
Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570-music player
Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570-music player
In the multimedia range, the Galaxy Mini, although only present some standard character player, but able to accommodate the needs of entertainment as a whole. In this sector should say Samsung remained concerned about the interests of good entertainment for imaging objects as well as audio and video domains.

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Review-Internet and Connectivity
Navigate the Web was very exciting because this phone also has support multi - touch on the touch screen characters. Just as the phone line that has tersuntik Android OS Froyo, this phone can be a hotspot with a set of tethering mini portable hotspot ( mobile AP ). Other than that the connection via bluetooth or data cable can be an alternative option.

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Review-Other Features
In addition to accommodate a variety of features that accommodate the interests associated with the Internet and entertainment needs, these intelligent devices also do not forget to fasten the varied needs of our office for a little amount requiring the interests of the email, mapping, editing, note, or calculating numbers. A variety of office applications are available by default even been present at the menus on the phone this Froyo, such as gmail, navigation, quick office, file manager, and notes. Lack of sufficient, we can re- download it via the market, free.
As a means of data storage, the Galaxy Mini equipped with an internal memory of 160 MB to the needs of the system, and can accommodate a maximum of 32 GB of data using micro SD external memory characteristic. The sales package includes a Mini Galaxy 2 GB of memory expansion, more than enough to manampung data and applications.
To support the optimization of which has lot of features, this phone is armed by the processor CPU 600 MHz. seconded by processors other than that pretty neat in running performance of the phone, mobile electrification needs powered by lithium ion battery -powered type 1200 mAh.
Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 video player
Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 - video player

As a middle-class Froyo Android phone, Galaxy Mini is able to provide its own lost interest. Both from the side of the performance and physical appearance. Samsung careful enough to bring the phone with the characters as well as competitive prices and rational. Samsung Galaxy Mini can be a recommendation for us who need a phone capable of Android -based economies but with a myriad of feature richness. (faith )
(+) competitive price, based OS Froyo, hotswap, ergonomic body dynamic &
(-) 3 -megapixel camera, minus the flash, no autofocus.

Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 Specifications