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Friday, December 3, 2010

10 Free Downloads Blackberry Applications to be possessed by Blackberry user

10 Free Downloads Blackberry Applications-One of the reasons people choose to buy a BlackBerry is that BlackBerry is very reliable in meeting the needs of those who regarded a full 24 hours', from the send and receive e-mail, browsing, internet faxing, etc..

And you can increase the reliability of your BlackBerry phone with adding applications from third party into it. Additional Blackberry phone applications can be installed "over the air," either directly by visiting the provider site via a browser application built-in from the BlackBerry phone and then download the file or by sending an e-mail to your BlackBerry phone containing a download link directly.

Here are 10 third party applications which is quite useful and free that you can add to your BlackBerry phone:

1. Virgo-free application for Blackberry phone
Virgo is a RSS feed reader is equipped with features that allow you to read your favorite feeds and stay awake with news important all the time.

2. Vlingo-free application for Blackberry phone
Vlingo is a voice recognition application. With this application and capitalize your sound then you can run a Web search ("Find post offices in Punxsutawney"), running applications in the BlackBerry ("Open Calendar"), send e-mails and text messages.

3. Google Mobile-free application for Blackberry phone
Access to all services from Google with this application as Gmail, Google News, Google Reader, Google Docs, Picassa etc.

4. BBNotePad-free application for Blackberry phone
Application text editor on this one is more complete than the BlackBerry default applications, MemoPad.

5. GridMagic Community Edition-free application for Blackberry phone
This application may be spelled his successor MS Excel in your BlackBerry that lets you perform complex calculations.

6. Opera Mini-free application for Blackberry phone
Opera is one of the favorite browser application for mobile phones so do not miss to download it because Opera Mini has more features than the Blackberry default browser.

7. Mobipocket Reader-free application for Blackberry phone
Applications to read ebooks on the Blackberry phone. Read your favorite e-book on the BlackBerry by using this application.

8. iSkoot-free application for Blackberry phone
iSkoot is an Skype client application that allows you to receive and make Skype calls from your BlackBerry.

9. TwitterBerry-free application for Blackberry phone
Are you a Twitter Addict? So TwitterBerry application will still allow you to read and send a tweet to your friends or your business associates.

10. WebMessenger-free application for Blackberry phone
CallWave's WebMessenger allows you to chat with your friends or business contacts in some of the popular IM networks like AOL, Google, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, Skype or Yahoo.