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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

HTC T8788 Windows Phone 7

Codenamed the HTC T8788, and lacking an usual, catchy HTC smartphone

name, the device in the picture above comes with a sliding mechanism that doesn't reveal a full QWERTY keyboard as you would expect but rather a long speaker. Furthermore on the back of the device there's a built-in stand, so it's pretty clear that this particular Windows Phone 7 handset is made for entertainment purposes.

A while ago we showed you how the future Windows Phone 7 handsets are supposed to look like when it comes to specs and features, but also to the overall design. This HTC T8788 has a design we wouldn't normally expect from a WP7 handset and it will be interesting to see what other WP7 phones will follow this trend.

review HTC T8788 Windows Phone 7The T8788 (that's a Terminator's name, isn't it?) is going to head to AT&T in the USA according to the current rumors and it might hit European markets too, although we have no details to confirm any of that yet.

So what do you say, folks, do you like this HTC T8788 handset or would you rather get the Schubert, the Mozart or Mondrian instead?

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